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Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Customers :

1stJon Inc Service Includes the Following Procedures

  • We Will Deliver Portable Restrooms to a convenient/accessible/level location not further than 35’ from our service vehicle. Keep in mind our service vehicle is comparable to the size of a UPS Truck. Unrestricted Access Mandatory
  • We Will Vacuum out of all Liquid/Solid Sanitary Waste from restroom holding tank.
  • We Will Refill the Waste Tank with a 5 gallon solution of bio degradable deodorizer and Water
  • We Will Clean and apply deodorizer/Sanitizer to the Interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, tank bench, and floor.
  • We Will Dry/squeegee the seat, bench and floor
  • We Will Apply to the Interior a bio degradable fragrance.
  • We Will Stock All Supplies applicable
  • We Will Inspect and repair each unit for minor issues.
  • We Will Validate our service was conducted by signing/dating service record label located inside restroom.

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